Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor

One of the biggest frustrations in food processing is stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl. It takes time and it is a hassle to maintain re-assembling the lid. All this stopping and starting is inefficient, especially when you have to get dinner on the table. With the Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor, you can save yourself time when chopping or pureeing -- no desire to stop and remove the lid to dislodge food from the face of the bowl. The built-in scraper does the job for you, also you'll be able to use it while the processor is off or on for continuous processing. Large feed chute means less prep work. Are you still pre-cutting all your ingredients? If you're doing that, why bother using a food processor at all? The Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor accommodates both big and tiny ingredients, so it is possible to spend time pre-cutting your ingredients and more time enjoying them. The potent food processor includes a 10 cup capacity , that&